To Do List vs. Real Life

Despite waking up late this morning, I had great plans for the day.  You know exciting things like laundry, homemade pizza, and reading a chapter or two of a great book. Perhaps the kiddos and I would take an afternoon walk and finish up that read aloud. Naturally I’d round out the evening with a charming blog post with adorable pictures of my kiddos.

A great to do list, right? Oh, yeah, baby.

But then…

Laundry happened. And I’ll be sitting up late to deal with the load in the washer that I forgot all about. Because after whipping up homemade pizza (and running out of cheese), I went on a dog hunt. One moment our little fluffy doggie was enjoying a yummy bone beside my daughter whittling sticks. Next thing you know, I’m getting a bit of unplanned exercise trying to locate Slippers. Oh, wait! That can count as our afternoon walk on a two hour delay, right? Walking around the neighborhood yelling for the doggie just upped the intensity a bit.

And the book? If I could find it, I might be able to read it. Life in transition. Adorable kiddos? I have those. Pictures of them to share? Um…..well the camera is in another room. And I’m at the table holding one of those cutie pie kiddos who is fighting a stuffy nose. The snoring and drool are adorable; a trick only a 14 month old can pull off.

So Real Life for the win. The To Do List, with a few adjustments, will be waiting for me in the morning. Guess I’ll just roll with and enjoy the cuddles.

Did you have a Real Life vs. the To Do List battle today? Who was named the winner?

This is the day the Lord has made;
We will rejoice and be glad in it. Psalm 118:24

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