Friday’s Fun Find!

Well, I actually discovered this new little treasure a couple of days ago. Today, however, was the first episode of Melody, Mystery & Mayhem Podcast created by the Burr Family.

Once upon a time I read aloud to my cute little kiddos while they munched away at their lunch. While these precious little cutie pies napped, I enjoyed a nice, quiet lunch. Once upon a time. In the here and now with nine kiddos prepping and eating food, asking for seconds, chatting around the table, well, a read aloud would become a form of yelling eloquently. And that quiet lunch while naps are underway? I have one napper in the house, people. One. And he has embraced the wonders of the power nap.

Don’t get me wrong. We have quiet time but someone always wants to chat.  I still read aloud. Often. More than one book is usually going at a time. But that perfect lunch time read aloud? Not happening.

This, my friends, is where Melody, Mystery & Mayhem becomes a sweet little treasure you are going to love. The delightful Burr family brings us fun songs, exciting stories, silly jokes, and interviews with every day heroes of the faith. There are even ways that your children can participate in future episodes. This 30 minute podcast is perfect for our lunch time gathering at the table. The story read by the Burr dad was perhaps our favorite part today. We are eager to see what the next podcast episode will bring.

To learn a bit more about what Melody, Mystery & Mayhem is about and to meet this precious family, you can watch this short preview video. The schedule offers up a new episode twice a month. We listened to Episode 1 straight from the computer but you can easily download it or listen via itunes.

Check it out and let me know what you think! What treasures have you found this week?

*I am in no way affiliated with Melody, Mystery & Mayhem. I just happened to hear about this via  Story Warren (another great site to check out). I just love finding resources that enrich and encourage imagination, laughter, truth, family, and joy.



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