2015 – 2016 Roll Call for VCA

While we school year round, I do try to acknowledge the beginning of a “new” year. We tend to flow from one book or one level to the next as needed. Living in a world that seems to qualify everything based on age and/or grade, it is always nice to give my children a reminder of their current “grade”.  A convenient bit knowledge when questioned by random strangers at the checkout counter. I must confess, however, that this yearly transition to a new grade gives me the opportunity to torture, um, snap quick photos of my kiddos.  It is one of my favorite past times.

My High School Crew!!!

Rebekah – 11th Grade

Mary – 10th Grade

My Middle School Crew!

Caleb – 8th Grade

Lydia – 7th Grade

My Elementary Superstars!

Hannah – 4th Grade

Sarah – 2nd Grade

Sam – Kindergarten

My Cutie Pie Class!

Martha Ann – Preschool

Ezra – Toddler Tornada

And I can’t leave out the Teacher’s Pet!


When we decided to homeschool so many years ago, I never imagined having a span of kiddos from 16 years to 15 months. So thankful for the unexpected. The days are passing too quickly…

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