Could We Just Slow Down?

I was in the kitchen this afternoon along with my daughter, Mary. She commented that the year seemed to be flying by so quickly. Yes!  This year has gone by insanely fast and in a blink the year of 2015 will be over. Could we just slow down a minute?

It has been busy in our home the past several weeks. Four birthdays in November and our Martha Ann celebrated her fourth birthday today.  Christmas decorating and crafting have been in high gear. Add in dentist appointments, grocery shopping, wrapping up a bit of schooling, and well, I think time needs to stand still.  I need to take a breath. Savor these fleeting moments.

January will bring my oldest turning 17. When I speak to my 14 year old son, I have to look up to him. I am finding myself surrounded by some wonderful young adults. But I’m telling you that yesterday I was changing their diapers and chasing them around the yard. Wasn’t I?

At this moment I should be checking items off my to do list. It never seems to get shorter, right? But my mind became distracted. Lydia, 12, came to chat with me before bed and I was struck by how mature she looked. Her mannerisms and vocabulary were not of a little girl but of a young woman. All my well laid plans for this evenings work went out the window. It took my breath. Made me take a moment and think on these things.

I need to make time stand still. Let the laundry sit. Grocery shop tomorrow. Push the pile of books to the side. Savor it. Those moments with my kiddos. Take a moment to slow down. Right now. Today.

And Sweet Ezra is 1!!

Adorable. Funny. Charming. Cute. Energy. Love. Hugs. High Fives. Cuddles.

So hard to believe that a year has gone by. Ezra came into the world fast and furious and he has not slowed down. He is loved and adored by everyone in the house. We are all completely wrapped.

I am savoring every moment of rocking him to sleep and chasing him down the hall. We are so blessed to have this little one in our family. Pure joy.

Happy Birthday, Ezra….

Did You Know It Was Monday?

Just in case you lost track of time. It was a Monday. Seriously.

My oldest is ready to begin Year 10 Term 3. (We use Ambleside Online). No worries. Well, maybe. I had made a few changes to AO’s plan so I needed my copy of what she studied last term. I needed my copy because she threw her copy away last week. Apparently I was into creative document names when I saved it because it took me forever to find it. Exactly where it was suppose to be.

Then I discovered that borrowing an unabridged, complete copy of Moby Dick from the library is almost impossible. However, there are multiple copies of abridged and delightfully illustrated copies.

My husband leaves to take my son to the orthodontist. Martha (3) must hug daddy before he leaves and tell him that she loves him. He forgot because they were running late. Martha realized he was gone about the time he was down the driveway. We all know what happened right? Yeah. Thankfully we were able to call daddy and she was good with that.

I am sure this has never happened to you. I finally got the baby down for a nap. The baby who didn’t think that he needed a nap but he so very clearly did. I walk out of my bedroom and start chatting with my daughter. I look around and, slightly concerned, ask, “Where is Ezra?” Mary responds, “Um, didn’t you just put him down for a nap?”

Why, yes, yes, I did. Ahem. Folks, he is on the move. It was a legitimate concern. I have had no caffeine all day. Exactly.

My daughter, Hannah (9) comes up to me and says, “Mondays are just hard.”

But!! Even this no-caffeine-where’s-the-baby-bye-bye-daddy day was a day that the Lord made. I was rejoicing in it, people!

I remembered the chicken in the fridge. The chicken I meant to cook over the weekend but forgot about. Dinner might have been late but the fried chicken was worth it!

Martha (3) has officially decided that she can go potty all by herself. She also declared that she does not need help getting into her pajamas. So there. She is a rock star. The end.

Sarah (7) finished her 100 Easy Lessons books today! (Phonics) She was not interested in learning to read; she loves being read, too. Some days were hard but she pushed through. She happily put 100 Easy Lessons on my shelf instead of hers.

Mary (15) has planned out the rest of her high school studies. Well, except math. Is it really necessary? She is trying to convince me that it is not.

At the end of this Monday, I am tired. I would love a nice, cold Dr. Pepper and a good book. But I’m smiling. It was a good day.

How was your Monday?