Wednesday with Words – December 3, 2014

My daughter, Rebekah,and I always have a good laugh at chocolate commercials. Often you will see a woman slowly and delicately enjoying  a small piece of chocolate. One tiny bite at a time the chocolate is savored. We laugh because this concept of tiny bites of chocolate is so foreign to us. We are both the Cookie Monsters of Chocolate. As soon as the chocolate is in sight all self-control is gone.

Then there is my daughter, Mary. She understands this art of self-control. She plans when she will eat her chocolate and strategically thinks through how to make it last as long as possible. She is content with a portion at a time and enjoying the anticipation of the next encounter with her delicious chocolate. The chocolate her sister and I dream of sneaking away and eating as quickly as possible.

I am the same way with books. Oh, how I love a good story that draws you in. A tale that carries you away into another place that is so beautiful. And the book must be finished. As soon as possible!! I have to know how it will end, what will happen to my dearest character, and what might come next.

However, I am trying to reform my ways. We are deep in the trenches with Ambleside Online. As I am requiring my children to learn to savor their studies in small bites, I am challenging myself to do the same. Oh, it is so hard for this book devourer!

I am currently reading Hannah Coulter by Wendell Berry. I read Jayber Crow earlier this year and wanted to give Berry another try. I am enjoying this walk through Port William with Hannah. Beautiful. Bittersweet. As much as I want to hurry through it and read every detail, I think taking Hannah’s story in slowly is a better choice. The story is soaking in. Each time I go back to read a bit more, I see aspects I missed before. Slowly. Small bites. Making the chocolate last….

“This is the story of my life, that while I lived it weighed upon me and pressed against me and filled all my senses to overflowing and now is like a dream dreamed. So close to the end now, what do I look forward to? ‘Today shalt thou be with me in paradise.’ Some morning, I pray, I’ll have the good happiness of ‘the man who woke up dead, ‘ who Burley Coulter used to tell about.

This is my story, my giving of thanks.” p 5


“When you are old you can look back, and see yourself when you were young. It is almost like looking down from Heaven. And you see yourself as a young woman, just a big girl really, half awake to the world. You see yourself happy, holding in your arms a good, decent, gentle, beloved young man with the blood keen in his veins, who before long is going to disappear, just disappear, into a storm of hate and flying metal and fire. And you don’t know it.” p31

Lydia Turns 11!

Often I look at Lydia and have to remind myself how young she is. That type of thing happens when your child has a shoe size bigger than yours and is taller. Granted it doesn’t take a huge growth spurt to pass your five foot mom, but still. Did she have to be so fast about it?

11 on August 11th ~ Lydia

Lydia Lu is my sunshine. Always smiling, always laughing. She is a fabulous big sister who is always willing to read or play with a little one. She is the master of rocking Ezra and getting him to sleep.

She loves to read. Is there any other option in this house? If she is not reading, she probably has her sketch books and pencils. She sketches and draws some beautiful pictures. Her dream is to be an artist.

Lydia also knows how to plan a yummy birthday. From cinnamon rolls to fried chicken to a chocolate Texas Sheet Cake we were rolling in the yummy goodness. She delighted in even the simplest of gifts. Well, who doesn’t love a flashlight? Many hands were willing to hold it for her.

Happy Birthday to my Lydia Lu! So thankful that not only did the Lord spare your life but He has given us another precious year with you. You are a treasure.

Are You Ready for Thursday? Grab the chocolate!

Chocolate chips, that is. And your favorite chocolate chip cookies recipe and a few cute kiddos. It is time to celebrate National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day!! Thursday, May 15th is the day set aside to enjoy this delicious yumminess.

What is a mom to do? While we are mixing up that cookie dough, we can mix up some fun and yummy learning, too. I’m not sure about your kiddos but I know mine might get a little more excited about math if it includes chocolate chip cookies and a nice cold glass of milk.

Ten Ways to Celebrate National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day:

1- Make a batch of cookies and deliver to your neighbor or a friend who needs a smile.

2 – Read If You Give a Mouse a Cookie by Laura Numeroff with your little ones. Then head over to my Pinterest board: Chocolate Chip Cookie Day for some fun printables and activities.

3- Invite friends over and have a chocolate chip cookie baking party.

4- Host a chocolate chip cookie baking contest. I’m sure there will be plenty of volunteers to judge.

5- Do a bit of geography and locate the places the ingredients for the chocolate chip cookies come from.

6- Pour chocolate chips into a jar. Let your children guess or estimate how many chips are in the jar. Have an official count and the winner receives a giant chocolate chip cookie made especially for them!

7 – Do some experimenting! What other yummy additions can you put in your cookies to partner with the chips? Sprinkles? Peanut butter chips? M&Ms? No raisins!

8 – Make chocolate chip cookie ice cream sandwiches to enjoy as a cool treat.

9- Have a scavenger hunt. Write clues on cookie cut outs and hide them. The scavenger hunt ends with a cookie celebration. Yum!

10- Get the creative juices flowing and have everyone write a story that includes chocolate chip cookies. Why not munch on a cookie while writing?

I need to make sure we have plenty of chocolate chips for Thursday! I can’t wait.

If you enjoy cookies on Thursday, please share the fun and leave a comment!