Random Thoughts of a Mom of Nine

Hours ago the plan was for this blog post to be a book review. If nothing else, we read a few books in this house. I have several that I want to share with you. But, well, guess what? It didn’t happen. Because I’m a mom. And I’m forgetful.

Today, Mary and I restarted our running. Hopefully we will get back in the groove quickly and be able to run another 5K in December. After a few months off I was prepared for intense pain and a near death experience. It went much better than expected. We only ran a mile today but, hey, it was raining!

I love to encourage my children’s creativity. Some may need a little less encouragement. While I was deep in the trenches of grammar and mathematics, Ezra was developing his love of Sharpies. On a door. In my house. Quiet toddler = Trouble. Rookie mistake, mom. Rookie mistake.

No need for fancy candles or warmers in our home. We have mastered the Burn Smell. Mastered it so well that we no longer notice when something is truly burning. You know, like the plastic mixing spoon sitting in the empty pan on top of the very hot burner? Yes. The browning meat that mom forgot about while rocking a toddler back to sleep? Yes. I am sure that Burn Smell will be the next big wave in candles. Trend setters we are.

It all works out in the end. The Sharpie masterpiece met its match in the Magic Eraser. I scrubbed the burnt pan within an inch of its life and it will live to cook another day. Even better? In an effort to mask the charred ground beef, Mary volunteered to make homemade hamburger helper. I love getting bumped off kitchen duty. Go, mom!

Just a normal rainy Tuesday. Bring it on, Wednesday. Bring it.

Any aspiring artist in your home? What medium do they like to work with? Sharpie has always been a favorite here.

Wait. Is it Tuesday?

Deep down inside, I knew that it was Tuesday. Really. I knew the day. However, for some reason, I kept thinking it iwas Monday. Then reminding myself it was Tuesday. People, that is sleep deprivation talking.

Why isn’t this homeschooling mom of nine sleeping? I know. Crazy. Sixteen month old with a cold. Yeah. I know you understand. It seems that when you are an adorable toddler the only comfy place to sleep when you are sick is on your mommy’s head. After you have gently kickboxed her to the very edge of the mattress. Yeah. Needless to say I didn’t wake up singing about cotton candy and unicorns.

I am all about redeeming the day. Some days may be redeemed a bit slower than others but that is okay! This day needed some redemption.

How did I redeem this day? I thought about James and the Psalms often. You can ask my kiddos. Those are my most favorite.

I opted not to scream and crash to the ground in the fetal position when my girlie started playing Christmas music on the piano. If I’m sweating, it isn’t time for Christmas music, people. Fall, will you please come and visit for more than two days? Thanks.

For the first time ever, I made homemade doughnuts using a fabulous copycat Krispy Kreme recipe. Oh, man. They were melt in your mouth goodness. Yes, they were. Yummy rings of fried dough happiness. If that doesn’t redeem the day, what does, my friends?

It was Lydia’s day for kitchen duty. I pretty much brought destruction to our tiny kitchen making doughnuts, chicken stock, and dinner. However, I told her I would tackle the dishes if she was willing to dry. Fabulous time with my conversational gal. Lydia loves to talk and it was the perfect time. No one interrupted because they couldn’t risk being drafted to kitchen duty. Interruption free conversation is a precious thing.

So it was a rainy Tuesday that I thought was Monday. Yeah, I forgot about science and grammar with my younger middle kiddos.  The little one is stuffy and miserable. It looks like I’m in for another long night. So thankful for grace and mercy.

Are You Ready for Thursday? Grab the chocolate!

Chocolate chips, that is. And your favorite chocolate chip cookies recipe and a few cute kiddos. It is time to celebrate National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day!! Thursday, May 15th is the day set aside to enjoy this delicious yumminess.

What is a mom to do? While we are mixing up that cookie dough, we can mix up some fun and yummy learning, too. I’m not sure about your kiddos but I know mine might get a little more excited about math if it includes chocolate chip cookies and a nice cold glass of milk.

Ten Ways to Celebrate National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day:

1- Make a batch of cookies and deliver to your neighbor or a friend who needs a smile.

2 – Read If You Give a Mouse a Cookie by Laura Numeroff with your little ones. Then head over to my Pinterest board: Chocolate Chip Cookie Day for some fun printables and activities.

3- Invite friends over and have a chocolate chip cookie baking party.

4- Host a chocolate chip cookie baking contest. I’m sure there will be plenty of volunteers to judge.

5- Do a bit of geography and locate the places the ingredients for the chocolate chip cookies come from.

6- Pour chocolate chips into a jar. Let your children guess or estimate how many chips are in the jar. Have an official count and the winner receives a giant chocolate chip cookie made especially for them!

7 – Do some experimenting! What other yummy additions can you put in your cookies to partner with the chips? Sprinkles? Peanut butter chips? M&Ms? No raisins!

8 – Make chocolate chip cookie ice cream sandwiches to enjoy as a cool treat.

9- Have a scavenger hunt. Write clues on cookie cut outs and hide them. The scavenger hunt ends with a cookie celebration. Yum!

10- Get the creative juices flowing and have everyone write a story that includes chocolate chip cookies. Why not munch on a cookie while writing?

I need to make sure we have plenty of chocolate chips for Thursday! I can’t wait.

If you enjoy cookies on Thursday, please share the fun and leave a comment!